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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lutece - Awaking Ancient Gods [EP]

NORTHERN WARRIORS#Style: Pagan Black Metal
Origin: France
Lyrics: Nature, War, Pagan events
Year: 2011

This is a personal request from the band.

Lutece is a french project of black metal, mixed with ambient and pagan sounds. Lutece was born in April 2006, created by Denosdrakkh and Hesgaroth, the former players of the black metal band Dark Requiem. Denosdrakkh plays each instrument, composes all songs and provides backing vocals, while Hesgaroth writes lyrics and provides the lead vocals. Lutece delivers a sound inspired by nature, war events, pagan events, mythology and despise of nowadays society, in France particularly. At the early beginning, it was only supposed to be a side project, without any importance but the involvement of its two members was so determined, that they finally wanted to do something serious, original, and genuine.



1. Mystic Hill
2. Epona's Riders
3. Awaking Ancient Gods
4. Iron Will
5. The Path to Avalon

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