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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dark Forest - Land Of The Evening Star

Origin: Canada
Lyrics: Nature, Heathenism, Battle, History
Year: 2012

Created in late 2003 by David Parks, the vision of DARK FOREST remains to create an epic style of atmospheric metal fuelled by a connection with heritage, history and nature.

Parks began the initial writing process in late 2003 with songs such as Among Silent Pine, Warwinds, and Under The Northern Fullmoon. The writing process continued from here until early 2005. A four track demo was arranged and released that summer and titled Demo 2005. It received many positive reviews, and was also hailed one of the most promising demos of that year by reviewers.

Demo 2005 broke out into the Canadian and international metal community in summer 2005 and gained much respect and support with sales reaching from Germany to Japan. Parks continued the writing process and laid the groundwork for the first full-length DARK FOREST album. Interest also grew in Europe during this time and media labeled early DARK FOREST releases as ‘Vinlandic Pagan Black Metal’. With this said, there is no formal genre which Parks wishes to be bound to. March 2006 marked the completion of the writing process for the first full-length album Aurora Borealis. It was self-recorded by Parks in summer 2006 and released in September 2006.


01. Redisovery Of The New World
02. Like Towers They Reach To The Sky
03. Vesperia
04. A Few Acres Of Snow
05. Hearth
06. Northmen Of The New World
07. Árborg
08. Bjarne Herjúlfsson

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