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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Northern Warriors Compilation XI: Valhalla Awaits

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NORTHERN WARRIORS#Origin: Spain (La Rioja)
NORTHERN WARRIORS#Authors: Nord & Hottercraft
NORTHERN WARRIORS#Albums used: NW Uploads nov 08 and dec 08
NORTHERN WARRIORS#Picture: League of Legends, Olaf

This is maybe the Compilation which is most purely pagan metal. There are not Black Metal Bands, we decided to focus on the Folk and MDM bands. In previous compilations some of you asked for more Folk, and for us is perfect cause are the Folk bands what are the less known and harder to find and as always the point with this compilation is to promote what we think is good metal and not always well-known.

I love almost all songs on this compilation, and I hope you know bands as Varg, Minas Morgul, I, Kromlek and also Stormlord cause they are huge. And I hope you discover bands like
Thiasos Dionysos with their surprising song, tell me if it sounds familiar to you ;). There are also beautiful songs with Fferyllt and Gravesmond.

We hope you enjoy this compilation and take note of these good bands we selected for you doing the dirt job.

Oh, and remember it is today 3 years ago when we disembarked and started to fulfill the web with the metal we like the most. 1133 Albums uploaded so far, and remember we are only two friends doing all the job, and previous a upload we listen and evaluate the quality of the album. We do not do free or easy post like other blogs, we investigate and discover quality bands for you. And of course we do unique compilations cause we dont just put the most popular bands of a style any song at any order like other blogs. We made compilations for experts but also for ppl only willing to discover bands.

For doing a compilation first of all we see the uploads of a certain period, listen all the albums again and choose the best ones, then a carefully listening of every album to pick the best song for us. After that discards. Then study the best order of the songs and finally the cover.


01. Eternal Oath - Behind Tomorrow (4:35)
02. I - Warriors (5:53)
03. Stormlord - Neon Karma (3:56)
04. Varg - Wolfszeit (6:53)
05. Minas Morgul - Aus Blut Gemacht (4:14)
06. The Legion - Carnal Harvest (4:22)
07. Archeon - Prayer (4:05)
08. Kromlek - Harvest (6:10)
09. Tverd - Wolf & Gyrfalcon (5:57)
10. Grabesmond - Balder's Sturz (1:13)
11. Emancer - Enter Goddamned CNS (4:54)
12. Aeveron - Autoapotheosis (5:47)
13. Fimbulvet - Wälderritt (4:52)
14. Vrankenvorde - Einst (3:11)
15. Hantaoma - Malombra (4:03)
16. Slartibartfass - Der Letzte Winter (5:27)
17. Hromovlad - Zabudnuty Sen (4:01)
18. Fferyllt - Winds of Trondheimsfjorden (4:06)
19. Thiasos Dionysos - Heidrun (2:45)




Great Shu said...

Hi Olaf!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great.. but it's offline

Anonymous said...

Que grande Olaf!!
Gracias por el recopilatorio

Anonymous said...

Pero no comenteis la imagen coño que se trata de una compilación bien currada, se trata de música, de metal no de una puta imagen. Saludos, grandes NW

Steve-Mo said...


Anonymous said...

Another awesome compilation, "I" rocks like shit! Does ANYONE know the band "Kälter", great Melodic Death Metal? It's impossible for me to find their (only) album "Spiritual Angel" anywhere, but since it's on youtube it has to be found somewhere (I didn't find it on amazon, etc. and not on the internet as well)

Anonymous said...

Loved the Olaf skin cover!!! \m/

Anonymous said...

very good compilation, thanks a lot for all this!

Nord said...

thank you at last one coment refering the compilation

Martijn said...

I've been listening to this compilation for the past few weeks and...

Hats off to you guys, it's really great. Well Done!
This is a great blog, keep it up!

Nord said...

thx for the feedback much apreciated, continue the comments

Anonymous said...

awesome comp. keep up the great work and give us more :) really i am so pleased from that stuff. and i mean all of your comp u realeased. thanx

Jesse said...

These compilations are so good. Thanks for introducing me to so much excellent music!

Anonymous said...

Thx for the compilation !
Olaf from League Of Legend i Like this héhé ;)

Pure-Music.Ru said...

Great site and compilation!
Hails from Russland!

Anonymous said...

It's about time for a new compilation. Hope you guys are working on one :)

Thanks for the blog.

Gangrel said...

New comp. coming? If so take a look at "Adoria - Lenker der Schlachten"