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Friday, 29 January 2010

Death - Full Discography

NORTHERN WARRIORS#Origin: United States Of America
NORTHERN WARRIORS#Lyrics: Gore, Spiritual, Society
NORTHERN WARRIORS#Years: 1984-2005

Death was an influential Metal band founded by guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner in Orlando in 1983. They released several demos as Mantas before changing their name in 1984. The band are widely considered to be one of the pioneers of death metal but their style gradually became more progressive and melodic as time went by. The album Human (1991) is widely recognised as one of the first and best progressive Death Metal records.

Chuck "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner (Charles Michael Schuldiner) - Vocals, Guitar (1984-2001) (R.I.P. - December 13th, 2001, pneumonia - brain stem cancer)

1987 - Scream Bloody Gore // DOWNLOAD
1988 - Leprosy // DOWNLOAD
1990 - Spiritual Healing // DOWNLOAD
1991 - Human // DOWNLOAD
1992 - Fate - The Best Of Death // DOWNLOAD
1993 - Individual Thought Patterns // DOWNLOAD
1995 - Symbolic // DOWNLOAD
1998 - The Sound Of Perseverance // DOWNLOAD
2001 - Live In L.A. (Death & Raw) // Part 1 // Part 2
2001 - Live In Eindhoven // Part 1 // Part 2



"Scream Bloody Gore" was actually released on 1987 and "Leprosy" was released on 1988 (I guess you made a little mistake) Either way, great discography!!! :D

hottercraft said...

Lol yes I made a little mistake, thanks man! One of the best discographies ever, IMO.

Pems said...

RIP Chuck!

Anonymous said...

the sound of perseverance was deleted