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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Eluveitie - Helvetios

NORTHERN WARRIORS#Style: Celtic Folk Metal
Origin: Switzerland
Lyrics: Celts, Helvetia
Year: 2012

Epic Band. Eluveitie is a Celtic Folk Metal band from Switzerland, formed in 2002. They use both traditional Swiss and Celtic instruments alongside electric guitars and drums. Their music is known to be inspired by Gothenburg's Melodic Death Metal Scene and their lyrics are written in a mix of English and Gaulish. Their first album was the self financed "Vên," released in 2003.


1. Prologue 01:25
2. Helvetios 04:01
3. Luxtos 03:55
4. Home 05:17
5. Santonian Shores 03:58
6. Scorched Earth 04:18
7. Meet the Enemy 03:46
8. Neverland 03:43
9. A Rose for Epona 04:26
10. Havoc 04:05
11. The Uprising 03:42
12. Hope 02:27
13. The Siege 02:45
14. Alesia 03:58
15. Tullianum 00:24
16. Uxellodunon 03:52
17. Epilogue 03:14


Anonymous said...

Give the pass please...

Adalhart said...

Where can I find the password?

Nord said...

Sorry I copied the first link i found. The password is: metalspirit

Nord said...

Anyway I recommend use torrent, that one goes really fast.

Paarthurnax said...

In my opinion, this is their worst album...
Spirit (2006) is so far away.